Need to Try, 6 This Physical Activity Can Increase Your IQ

Sports routine will make the body become more healthy and fit. But apparently, in addition to healthy body, sports are also suspected to improve brain intelligence. Similarly, said a study from the University of Georgia.

The study says that taking 20 minutes can improve the ability to process information and improve memory function in the brain. Therefore, try some of these physical activities that detikHealth has summarized from various sources. What are they?

1. Jumping jack

When you feel tired mentally, you can do some jumping jacks motion to reboot your brain and make you feel fresher.

2. Walking

Walking can help you concentrate, ‘clean’ your head and encourage creative thinking. It can also have a positive effect on brain power.

3. Yoga

Researchers have shown that yoga for eight weeks can produce better concentration. Reverse yoga poses also increase blood flow to the brain.

4. Run

Running can grow more brain cells. besides running away can also increase blood flow and provide more nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

5. Walk barefoot

Walking barefoot stimulates parts of the brain to collect and interpret information.

6. Golf

Playing golf or other games related to the ball stimulates the function of brain tracking.

Health Risks Seen from Blood Type, Which Are You?

A number of studies reveal the health risks of each blood group. Although this is also supported from one’s lifestyle, at least this could be a material consideration for you to have a healthier lifestyle.

Quoted detikHealth from Huffington Post, here’s more complete explanation. Stay alert and keep your lifestyle huh!

1. Heart disease

In fact, according to a study from Harvard School of Public Health, people with blood type A, B, or AB have a higher risk of coronary heart disease than people with blood type O.

2. Memory impairment

A study from the University of Vermont of 30,000 people showed that people with AB are 82 percent more likely to have memory problems that cause dementia than other blood types.

“Blood types have been linked to diseases like vascular strokes, so we think it may be that these vascular problems contribute to memory problems,” said Dr. Cushman, who led the study.

3. Heartburn

Although the risk of coronary heart disease is low, blood type O is more susceptible to the development of the risk of heartburn than other blood groups.

4. Blood clots

People with Type A and B blood have a 30 percent risk to inherit this condition. Meanwhile, people who have blood type O have a lower risk of blood clotting. In addition, AB blood type has a 20 percent risk of this health condition, writes Times of India.

5. Gastric cancer

Based on information from Gustaf Edgren, M.D., Ph.D., professor of epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, people with blood type O relatively low risk of stomach cancer. However, Blood Type A has a greater chance of getting stomach cancer.