Need to Try, 6 This Physical Activity Can Increase Your IQ


Sports routine will make the body become more healthy and fit. But apparently, in addition to healthy body, sports are also suspected to improve brain intelligence. Similarly, said a study from the University of Georgia.

The study says that taking 20 minutes can improve the ability to process information and improve memory function in the brain. Therefore, try some of these physical activities that detikHealth has summarized from various sources. What are they?

1. Jumping jack

When you feel tired mentally, you can do some jumping jacks motion to reboot your brain and make you feel fresher.

2. Walking

Walking can help you concentrate, ‘clean’ your head and encourage creative thinking. It can also have a positive effect on brain power.

3. Yoga

Researchers have shown that yoga for eight weeks can produce better concentration. Reverse yoga poses also increase blood flow to the brain.

4. Run

Running can grow more brain cells. besides running away can also increase blood flow and provide more nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

5. Walk barefoot

Walking barefoot stimulates parts of the brain to collect and interpret information.

6. Golf

Playing golf or other games related to the ball stimulates the function of brain tracking.

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